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  Here you will find additional content to complement what has been published in the first issue of the Apicius Journal of Haute Cuisine English Edition.

The Journal includes an in-depth version of the content, together with the most important work tools (sources of inspiration, techniques, recipes, collaborations, photographs, etc.).

Given the length and importance of some of the articles, we have decided to move a part of them, especially the recipes, to the website. In the Journal, you will find a symbol (*) that will refer you to the recipes on the web.

At the same time, on the exclusive webpage material you will find the same symbol (*), which will refer you to the page number in the Journal where you will find an in-depth version of the article -essential to fully understand it.

Remember: the website content only makes sense as a complement to what is published in the Journal.

  Apicius #1

In Issue #1:

Jordi, Josep and Joan Roca: Cerberus's Caress
Heston Blumenthal: A Salute to the Senses
Quique Dacosta & Juanfra Valiente: Artistic Trends
Carlo Cracco & Matteo Baronetto: A Streetcar Named Expression
Wylie Dufresne: New York... City?
Pierre Hermé: Marveled
Mari Carmen Vélez: Technicolor
Tana Collados: Twenty-two
   Featuring interviews with:
    • Régis Marcon
    • Jonnie Boer
    • Juan Amador
    • Mauro Colagreco

Apicius #1 Extra Contents
  Apicius #2

In Issue #2:

Philippe Regol: Avant-garde, Globalization and New Terroirs

• Citrus Fruits. The Acid Trip.
    Trip One: Michael Troisgros
    Trip Two: Yumiko Aihara. Pascal Barbot
    Trip Three: Santiago Orts. Rodrigo de la Calle
    Trip Four: Corrado Assenza

Enrico Cerea, Roberto Cerea & Paolo Rota: Raw Fish

• The Missing Link
   Xosé Torres Cannas: Lamprey of the 21st Century
   Michel Guérard: Lamprey of the 20th Century

Eneko Atxa: Stealing the Soul of Mother Nature
Pino Cuttaia: Pure Sicily
Roger Viusà: I Love Thea! The biography of tea.
Will Goldfarb: American Beauty

Apicius #2 Extra Contents